Caverna Grotto

Swimming Pool WaterfallsCaverna Grotto is delivered complete and pre-stained, ready for simple assembly and mounting to the deck. No foundation is required. Two large boulders are included as pictured.     Click here for footprint dimensions.

The water weir is an impressive 48" wide and is designed to flow 60-90gpm. Installation takes approximately 2 hours. Requires a dedicated 3/4 hp pool pump (not included). This unit includes a convenient, removable access cover.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls
Approximate installation time: 2-3 hours.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls
Swimming Pool Waterfalls
Swimming Pool Watefalls

Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Swimming Pool Waterfalls
Two person team can install in 2-3 hours... no special skills required;

No concrete foundation required on pool decks.

Total weight: approximately 700 lbs. (including decorative side boulders)

84" H x 7' 9" W x 72" D without side boulders; 18' wide with.

Features include:

52" ceiling height;

High-flow water weir for massive sheeting action;

Ideal for pools with security covers;

All parts are pre-stained;

Real rock texture and color;

Simple bolt and nut assembly;

Swimming Pool WaterfallsAssembly is easy! Locate the parts onto your deck (pictured above), bolt the sections together, connect your water supply to the pre-installed fitting (pictured on the left), secure the base to the deck... and enjoy!

NO masonry skills are needed.

NO concrete or rebar are needed.

NO foundation is needed.

It's almost too easy! TM

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