Cheyenne Grotto

Swimming Pool WaterfallsCheyenne Grotto - This is based upon our popular Cheyenne Waterfall (top sections).

This new design is easy to install in only 2-3 hours. No concrete foundation is required prior to installation!

Total weight is approx. 550 lbs.

The size is 82" H x 100" W x 54" D with a 21" overhang to the water.

It is designed to use a dedicated 3/4 hp pump.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls
Approximate installation time: 2-3 hours.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls
Beauty and details from all angles!
The back side (pictured to the right) has just
as much detail as the front. A privacy panel
is available to enclose the rear of the cave.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Swimming Pool Waterfalls
Swimming Pool Waterfalls
If you need a paper tracing of the footprint for this or any other product just let us know! Some pool dealers like to build their pool to match the area between the pillars to make a custom fitted swim-out. There's no charge to send a full scale tracing to you with your purchase. A new larger version of this Grotto called the NewCastle Grotto will be available in 8 weeks. It will look similar, but will be 12" taller and will allow for a 6' wide swim-out between the pillars.
Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Assembly is easy! Locate the parts onto your deck (pictured above), bolt the sections together, connect your water supply to the pre-installed fitting (pictured on the left), secure the base to the deck... and enjoy!

NO masonry skills are needed.

NO concrete or rebar are needed.

NO foundation is needed.

It's almost too easy! TM

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