Torch Option...

Swimming Pool Rock WaterfallsTorch Option... this incredible new feature is only available through   Almost all of our waterfalls and fountains can utilize this feature. Using industry-standard torches, you can have the beauty of Fire and Water! Torches are designed to use citronella oil to beautify your poolscape and help repel mosquitoes. Read all directions prior to using torches.

Swimming Pool Rock Waterfalls

Citronella has been proven to help keep mosquitoes away!

Product Safety Information:


Filling the reservoir:
Remove the wickholder from the fuel reservoir.  Fill the reservoir to the fill line with citronella torch fuel.  If no fill line is visible, fill the reservoir to 2/3 full.  Attach the wickholder to fuel reservoir.  Do not over tighten the unit.

Lighting the wick:
Allow the wick to become completely saturated with oil before lighting ('takes about 30 seconds when installing the wickholder for the first time).  Do not set the wick height higher than one inch above top of flame guard (1/4" is preferable).  Keep loose clothing, hair, fabrics and your face from coming in contact with flame when lighting. Keep all inflammable objects away from the lamp's area.

Use a candle snuffing wand to extinguish the flame (not included).


DANGER!  For outdoor use only!

Locate the lamp well out of the way of pedestrian traffic.  DO NOT place the lamp near any combustibles such as wood structures, fuels, clothing and fabrics or dry vegetation. 
Caution:  Never use Gasoline or any other inflammable fuels in any torch.    FOR ADULT USE ONLY!  KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.  NEVER LEAVE A BURNING TORCH UNATTENDED.  When in use, an open flame is present, therefore, use with extreme care and at your own risk. 


Citronella Lamp Fuel (oil)


DANGER:  LAMP OIL IS HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED.  COMBUSTIBLE.  Contains petroleum hydrocarbons.  Do not take internally.  If swallowed, do not induce vomiting and call a physician immediately.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Use only in a well-ventilated area.  Never leave a lit flame unattended. Do not store near heat or open flame. Store oil in upright position to prevent leakage. Avoid frequent or prolonged contact with skin.  If there appears to be any malfunction, extinguish immediately.

Medical Emergency Contact Information: For accidental ingestion of lamp oil, do not induce vomiting. Please contact a physician immediately or call 1-800-308-7141 for 24-hour product safety information.